Monday, September 20, 2010

Bird house's

I bought these unpainted bird houses and jazzed em up with different accessories. I just LOVE them! I can't wait to hand them out for Christmas presents this year.

Painted OES Grooming Smock

One of the Old English Sheepdog breeders I follow has a grooming smock with a beautiful Sheepdog painted on the back. I thought I would try the same thing with one of my old smocks. This was the outcome. Aside from the balance of the head and feet being way off, I was pretty happy with the results. I just used acrylic paint and layered it to give a 3D effect. It could use a sealer of some kind if I ever need to wash it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is just your regular rock I washed painted for the garden. It's about two years old and still looks alright. Just your standard acrylic craft paint. I didn't even use a sealer.

I rescued this cane from the trash and painted it all fancy for aunt Mary.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I made these for the gang at work for their cabinets.

Sock Monkey

Is this the cutest thing ever or what?! This was Hayden's Christmas gift this past year. I hand sewed everything. The cowboy's vest was cut from a piece of felt and the hat was bought at Michael's. The instructions are on this website

Crochet beanie hats/ flowers

These were made just like the pink hat below. The flowers are quick simple ways to embellish any project. To make them, ch 5 and slip stitch in to a ring. SC 10 in center of loop. For first rd 3 SC in the first stitch. Then slip stitch in the next loop. 3 SC in the next Stitch followed by a slip stitch in the next one. Continue this all the way around the circle to make 5 leafs of the flower. For variation try experimenting with different numbers of SC's or possible a few Triple Crochet's.